Pursuant to the provision of RA 9107 also known as the Philippine Science Heritage Center the following Rules and Regulations are hereby prescribed:


It shall be the policy of the State to support and encourage the development of the country's science and technology program, to promote the Philippines' scientific contributions to the world, and to highlight the richness of our heritage in science and technology.


The Center shall highlight the Philippines' contributions to the world of science and technology. It shall endeavor to instill a sense of pride in every Filipino by displaying the accomplishments, achievements, inventions and proud endeavors that the country has made in the field of S & T.

Aside from the general powers, rights, privileges, and attributes allowed by law, the Center shall have the following powers and functions:

  • Document the works, ideas, inventions and products of Filipino scientists, and other accomplishments in the field of science, which have significantly improved human lives.
  • Establish a display area for samples of inventions, scientific products, memorabilia, references and library materials;
  • Produce printed materials to be used in teaching values education with scientific insights, which may also serve as source of information for the general public;
  • Serve as the core of the network of science museums in the Philippines;
  • Serve as a source of information for those who are interested in Philippine contributions to science; and
  • To do such things and take such actions as may be necessary, incidental or conductive, to the attainment of the objectives of this Act.


The PSHC shall be directly under NAST. To ensure that its plans and programs showcase appropriate and significant Filipino works and ideas, inventions, products and other accomplishments, an advisory body shall be created to be composed of:

  • Chair - NAST President
  • Co-chairs - DOST Undersecretary and;
  • DepEd Undersecretary;a
  • and Members - NAST Foundation President,
  • PSHC Adviser and;
  • two appointed co-terminus with the Executive Council who have necessary expertise in function of the Center.

A PSHC division shall be created at the NAST Secretariat. The implementation of the PSHC plans and programs will be under said division. A Working Committee shall be created composed of representatives from the NAST divisions and shall provide scientific and technological expertise for the advisory body.

Administration and Management

The National Academy of Science and Technology shall manage, operate and maintain the Center and for this purpose, shall exert all efforts to ensure its effective and efficient management, through any of the following modes:

  • Operate the Center directly and create appropriate positions for its personnel
  • Contract its management to a qualified firm or association
  • Out source certain areas of its operations, and/or
  • Engage in other schemes that will redound to the effective and efficient operation of the Center

Fees and Charges

The Center may impose reasonable fees and other charges for use of facilities. Fees collected shall be used to subsidize the operation, maintenance and general upkeep of the facilities of the Center. All bequests, contributions, donations to the Center shall be exempt from tax.

Funding of the Center

The amount needed to carry out the provisions of this Act is hereby authorized to be appropriated in the General Appropriations Act of the year following its enactment into law, in addition to the amount appropriated for the National Academy of Science and Technology for such purpose.

Museum Store and Snack Bar

The Center shall provide a museum store for museum wares or souvenir items and a snack bar for the convenience of its guests to augment its income. For this purpose, the NAST, through the NAST-Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), shall invite bidders for the museum store and snack bar. NAST-BAC reserves the right to reject any or all bids, waive any formality, and make an award to the bidder whose proposal is most advantageous to the government. Items to be sold at the Museum Store should be approved by the PSHC Working Committee.

Promotion and Marketing of the Center

The National Academy of Science and Technology shall prepare some guidelines/policies for the promotion and campaign of the Center.

  • S&T Consciousness/Advocacy Program

  • The Center shall promote S&T consciousness and advocacy.

Repealing Clause

All laws, decrees, rules, and regulations inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed or amended accordingly.


This Act shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its complete publication in at least (2) newspapers of general circulation.