Some of the publications/brochures available for students, teachers, researchers etc. are as follows:
  • Abaca: The Strongest Natural Fiber
  • Corn Hero
  • Flowering Herbs
  • Flowering Shrubs
  • The Development of Macapuno Tree, Adventures in Research
  • Mangoes
  • Meconium Kit of Enrique Ostrea
  • Nata de Coco: A Filipino Delicacy
  • Outstanding Native Ornamentals Plants of the Philippines
  • Philippine Interesting Animals
  • Pili Nut\
  • Tiki-tiki: A Simple Cure for Beriberi
  • Sex Reversal in Tilapia
  • Waling-Waling
  • Yoyo: A Filipino Ingenuity
  • Yoyo: Isang Kagalingang Pinoy
Souvenir items like shirts, key chains etc. are available at the museum store.